Bikram: the key to crafting the body you want

Close your eyes and imagine that you can tone your muscles, lose calories and sweat just enough, without jumping or running. Now open your eyes and be happy because all this is possible with the Bikram Yoga, more simply known as Hot Yoga.

What is Bikram yoga?

As the same name suggests, this particular type of yoga is practiced within a heated environment, which generally reaches 40 ° - and hence the name "hot yoga" is clearly derived.

If on the one hand it amazes the fact that you can do physical activity in such a hot room, on the other hand it must be considered that the heat tends not only to improve muscle tone and avoid serious trauma during stretching, but also favors the elimination of toxins through intense sweating.

How can Bikram Yoga craft your body?

If you are not yet convinced that you want to get back in shape this way, here are some of the main benefits of hot yoga that will surely make you change your mind!    ·        

  • It increases muscle flexibility

    This is certainly one of the benefits of all the disciplines of the sector, but hot yoga has undoubtedly "an extra gear" as the warmth of the environment has a positive influence on the work of the muscles, which can then stretch and contract more quickly and without incurring injuries of any kind.

    From this point of view, hot yoga seems to be a discipline especially suitable for athletes, dancers, coaches and anyone interested in increasing their muscle flexibility, also acquiring a great ability to control their body. 

  • It helps to detoxify the body 

    Moving within an environment where the temperature reaches 40 ° is certainly very tiring, and increases the sweating. And this is certainly one of the characteristic benefits of hot yoga.

    Sweating in fact reduces water retention, frees the body of water and salts in excess, and also allows to expel, quickly and painlessly, toxins and environmental pollutants, which certainly do not good for our body. 
  • It helps to lose weight 

    If you think that to lose weight you need to run or jump up and down a step, you are wrong.

    Hot Yoga is absolutely one of the disciplines that allows you to consume the most calories working free body and increasing muscle mass: a session of about 90 minutes leads to burning about 1000 calories, a result that is generally obtained practicing intense cardiovascular exercises.

    It was also tested that the positions taken in Bikram Yoga increase the metabolic rate, bringing benefits to the digestive system and the endocrine system.  

    It seems clear enough that this discipline provides significant benefits to our body, but it is also clear that this is a rather challenging activity.

    If you decide to devote yourself to intense sessions of Hot Yoga, remember to drink plenty of water both before and after training, taking into account that the sweating will make you expel not a few liquids.

    Be very careful if you suffer from low or high pressure, you have small heart problems or do not tolerate too many warm environments, because perhaps you should choose to undertake a more traditional yoga path.

    If you want to try to purify your body, take a bottle of water with you and run to the gym for a "hot" lesson of Bikram Yoga!