The Real Meaning of Yoga

The idea that one has of Yoga tends to change often when it clashes with the objectivity of Life, incapable as we are of accepting it as it is.

Not that it cannot improve, life, because it will certainly do so, but we must also accept the fact that, in a precise instant it cannot be different from how it manifested itself.

Ignorance is repulsive, to accept the possibility of uniting is not even talked about, yet, we have no escape, and feeling with our backs to the wall is a blessing from Life, with the possibility of not being able to hide anymore.

As human beings we claim to be right, and if we are touched in this presumption we become touchy, when instead it would be enough to apologize, or to admit that we did not understand, that our reaction was due to an automatic behavior, which simply wanted to protect what is not we are still willing to let go.

What do we do instead? We take refuge in the rules we have set ourselves, unable to understand how others do not adapt without protest.

I fear that there is no reason to justify the cracks in our conscience, from which we exude ignorance, a condition through which being happy is pure utopia.

This is why my assessment of the practice of Yoga has changed over time, because beyond the ignorance that still haunts me, I seem to perceive a wider gash in all this, a gash that makes me see more and more clearly that Yoga means to merge.

Lowering the drawbridges of the castles we have built, in which we have been dwelling for so long, and which have been defended to the bitter end with all our strength, becomes inevitable if our search for harmony and well-being is sincere.

We start from this, from the fact that what is united produces healing, while what is divided produces disease.

It does not matter if we do not fully understand what we are experiencing, so it will never happen, the important thing is to cultivate what unites without ifs and buts.

This is the only rule to be applied, the rest is a consequence, because if violence itself ceases in the absence of violence, in the absence of division the conditions are created so that compassion nourishes our lives, so that we understand our own experiences come from a common stock, and the tree to which we give life, the heritage of all.

 A little reminder about what yoga is really about: Yoga is a lifestyle that touches you deeply, it frees you from tensions and fears, leading you towards greater psycho-physical well-being, harmony and inner peace. 

Many meanings have been given to the word yoga. Perhaps the best known and most used is "to unite": yoga derives from the Sanskrit "yuj" which literally means "union" of opposites; body and mind, immobility and movement, male and female, the sun and the moon.

The purpose of yoga is to unite and balance the opposites, to bring you to the psycho-physical balance. 

Yoga can also mean getting what seemed unattainable before: touching one's toes, better understanding oneself and others, having a calmer mind and a more open heart.

Yoga is therefore improving.

 Yoga also means increasing your ability to stay focused on what you are doing. In its most spiritual meaning, yoga also means being one with the divine and feeling in harmony with it.