Why We Should All Have Some Yoga In Our Lives

In this modern era our life has come to depend directly on machines and we are very far from nature. We work in an office, we sleep in a thick and soft mattress, we travel by car or plane and the market offers us all kinds of distractions.

However, man experiences more and more emotional and mental tensions that in turn produce physical tensions. People cannot find a way to get rid of the frustrations, anxieties and fears of this society.

The scarcity of resources and the demand of a population that does not stop growing are signs of the critical state that our society will face. If we want a world that is worth living, we have to assume our share of responsibility.

In other words: To transform the world we must first transform ourselves

Our brain is increasingly requested. With all the information we receive per second our mind is busy all the time. There is a moment when we lose the notion of who we are and the control of our thoughts. We lose the connection with ourselves.

Will there be anything that gives relief or rest to the human being?

Yoga is a path of personal transformation. A trip to our interior and a reconnection with our essential part.

The techniques of yoga, the asanas, pranayama and meditation, have a significant effect in reducing stress and help us to lead life in a lighter way. When we live an unpleasant experience, sick, loss, pain, suffering, impotence, frustration ...

if we are trained in practice, yoga allows us to endure the pain and helps us to understand the goal of life.

Why should I choose yoga over gymnastic exercises like weightlifting, aerobics and others?

The ordinary physical exercises work with violent muscular movements accumulating lactic acid in large quantities in the muscle fibers, which produces loss of energy and fatigue. Muscular development is not synonymous with health. Health is a state where organs function perfectly under the intelligent control of the spirit.

The asanas (yoga postures) are different. The asanas are executed slowly with relaxation, conscious breathing and concentration in the posture. There is no aggression or competition and the practice takes place in an atmosphere of silence. Inviting us to become aware of our body.

The asanas fight back pains and give flexibility. There is a saying in the East that says that a person's age is measured by the flexibility of their spine.

Pranayama or correct breathing is an energy generator. Most of our day is spent mired in our thoughts and mental conflicts. If we observe our breathing, we see that it is very short, superficial and centered in the upper part of the lungs.

Even if we do nothing, we notice that we are tired and exhausted. Let's do a complete breathing integrating abdomen, rib cage and upper part of the lungs, we see that a miracle occurs, the thoughts disappear and a state of relaxation and calm floods our body. Yoga gives us different methods to learn to breathe correctly.

Meditation is a good investment. Why exercise the body and not the spirit? With the practice of meditation we learn to silence the mind and direct our concentration towards our interior.

We put aside our ego and become observers. When we achieve this, we experience a state of contentment that is the goal of our existence.

Meditation helps us to cultivate certain qualities such as emotional balance, control of states of anxiety, anger, impotence.

We could summarize with 4 main reasons why having yoga in your life is so important:

  • Aging in good physical and mental state
  • Learn to manage the stress of daily life
  • Reconnect with our center
  • Build a long positive spirit

Besides all that yoga could be the perfect tool to cultivate some self-love on a daily basis, learning how to listen to ourselves and find our best version yet in both our bodies and minds.